Home for the Weekend retreats are unique, upscale and unforgettable weekend-long experiences in nature-rich settings near Los Angeles that support conscious relaxation, transformational insights, and a deep sense of self-nurturing.

There’s no place like home.

Your body is your house; it’s where you live your life, and like any other home, it needs care and attention. More than simply a weekend away, Home for the Weekend provides intelligent yoga practices intended to reconnect to your bodily abode: to metaphorically open your windows, sweep the floors, and make room for yourself to function efficiently and allow space to bring in things that serve you best. Sometimes all it takes is some time away to reignite the feeling of home within yourself.

Our yoga practices combine vigorous asana with breath work and restorative poses inspired by the teachings of Katonah Yoga that will leave you feeling fully embodied and inspired. Count on hands-on adjustments, carefully curated playlists, and lots of personal care.

Katonah Yoga® is a syncretic Hatha yoga practice developed by Nevine Michaan over 40 years. She and her teachers incorporate classical Hatha yoga with Taoist theory, geometry, magic, mythology, metaphor, and imagination — in a practical framework designed to potentiate personal and communal well-being. Framing the practice, maps of time and personal space are defined and refined. Themes using asana as origami, manipulating form for function, and developing a sense of personal measure are incorporated in Katonah Yoga practices. Katonah Yoga is organized around three principles of esoteric dialogue: all polarities are mediated by trinity; the universe has pattern, pattern belies intelligence; by virtue of repetition there is potential for insight. Disciplined techniques are organized for revelation through revolutions.


who we are


Emma Goldman,

Emma first discovered yoga 10 years ago and life has never been the same. Her classes combine vinyasa flow with elements of Katonah yoga, whose brilliant insights and metaphors have taught her time and time again to get out of her own way, see the whole picture, and ultimately get over herself. Expect lots of props, adjustments, breathwork and dad jokes!


Russell Brown, LAC
Owner of Poke Acupuncture

After graduating from the Emperor’s College of Oriental Medicine and working at a few other clinics including the Immune Enhancement Project in San Francisco, Russell opened Poke Acupuncture in Los Angeles in 2009.


Leah schlackman, Founder

For Leah, yoga is a practice of gathering information for the purpose of self-exploration and empowerment. It is a way to practice standing one's ground, igniting the imagination, breaking old habits, and experiencing a revelation. As a Katonah-ceritfied teacher, her classes are rooted in Katonah Yoga theory which combine elements of Taoism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and breathwork practices.


Caitlin + kacie, founders of honey hi

Caitlin and Kacie are the founders of Honey Hi in Echo Park - a craveable, sustainable cafe that focuses on locally sourced produce all prepared with your well-being in mind.



Amee works in the entertainment industry as a Creative Director, putting images to ideas at their early stages of conception and helping filmmakers and producers communicate their ideas. Amee sees Katonah Yoga as a modality to access self-knowledge, growth, and transformation. She loves Katonah for its structure, body mapping, and engagement of the imagination.


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